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Friendship is the premier facility in Columbus, Ohio and the Midwest for building and maximizing human performance. The Dublin CrossFit location has put together a team of doctors, trainers, coaches and practitioners to provide a unique and superior approach to fitness. Friendship provides direct access to our specialized team of professionals and combines that with the proven success of group CrossFit classes. We utilize a comprehensive 360 degree approach to your health and fitness to help you achieve peak performance. Therefore we can take you places and educate you to take yourself places that other facilities simply cannot. Friendship has become a staple in the CrossFit community, and is now recognized globally among the fitness community.

Friendship is famous for our extra programs. Each program provides the value of a specific focus based on your goals, age or desired improvement while putting you into the fun and exciting atmosphere that group class can provide. Each program comes with additional programming, coaching and dedicated training times to work with like minded people. From CrossFit to Adult Gymnastics these programs cover ages 6 to 70! The Dublin CrossFit location has the most experienced coaches in the industry.

This image is of Friendship CrossFit's podcast cover image for episode 8 on foundations of crossfit

Podcast Episode 8: How Good Is Your Foundation?

Available on Anchor here. This episode of the Friendship CrossFit podcast goes over the Friendship Pyramid and what the true foundations…

This image is a cover for the Friendship CrossFit podcast episode 7

(Video) Podcast Episode 7: Cycle 1 Overview

Available on Anchor here. This episode of the Friendship CrossFit podcast goes into the power of having open, honest communication with…

This image shows the cover for Friendship CrossFit podcast Episode 6

Podcast Episode 6: Being Transparent

Available on Anchor here. This episode of the Friendship CrossFit podcast goes into the power of having open,…

This podcast episode from Friendship CrossFit is about injury prevention

Podcast Episode 5: Injury Prevention

Available on Anchor Here Friendship CrossFit’s podcast episode 5 goes into injury prevention, why we have tweaks, nags…

This image is of 1% improvement done through Friendship CrossFit's Brian O'Masta

1% Is Enough

Written by Coach Brian O’Masta of Friendship CrossFit 1% is enough There is this Japanese word, Kaizen which…


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