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The premier facility in the Midwest for building and maximizing human performance. We’ve put together a team of doctors, trainers, coaches and practitioners to provide a unique and superior approach to fitness. Friendship provides direct access to our specialized team of professionals and combines that with the proven success of group CrossFit classes. We utilize a comprehensive 360 degree approach to your health and fitness to help you achieve peak performance. Therefore we can take you places and educate you to take yourself places that other facilities simply cannot.

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I was a drop in for three days at Friendship and they lived up to their name! I was introduced to the class upon arrival and several members introduced themselves to me directly and extended an additional welcome. It's a large box compared to others I have visited. It is very clean and well organized. It's brightly lit and has upbeat colors. While these things may not matter to many, I appreciate these qualities in a box. I'm not a huge fan of the "garage" feel! I will definitely make a return trip next time I am in the area. It doesn't matter if you are new to CrossFit or a RXing machine, you will feel right at home at Friendship CrossFit!
Theresa Houser
17:08 07 Dec 16
Probably the best coaches you'll find anywhere.
Dustin Arnette
00:31 11 Aug 17
I have been at Friendship CrossFit for about 8 months and absolutely love it! The coaches are awesome! They are always willing to help you achieve your goals, no matter how big or small! The community at Friendship is the BEST! It's a positive atmosphere with wonderful people! The friends that I have made at Friendship are more than just friends, they are family! I would recommend Friendship CrossFit to anyone looking for an exceptional community with marvelous people.
Jennifer Kaperak
23:18 17 Mar 16
As an experienced crossfitter of now 5+ years. I've had the unique opportunity to be a member of three different gyms all in different states, and drop in to many gyms around the country over that time span. Through all those experiences I can honestly say Friendship CrossFit is the Top CrossFit Gym in the country, and fitness operation for that matter.Friendship CrossFit provides an unbelievable amount of experience with their great coaches, and coaching cues, the programming is next to none, the facility is immaculate enabling for any type of workout to be done and set up, and the level of professionalism they bring to the table is so refreshing and welcomed that it truly makes it a place you want to be a part of. On top of that Friendship lives by its name by providing an atmosphere that will encourage and help you get in the best shape of your life no matter what age, size, shape, etc... And they make sure to have fun while doing it with great personalities coaching and a community that is next to none. I currently live out of state and attend another gym, but I've recognized how much Friendship CrossFit has done for me, that to this day I still follow their programming, constantly keep in contact with the community and visit as much as possible, and still very much consider it my home!I highly recommend Friendship CrossFit to anyone, whether you're looking to just get in shape, looking for a competitive outlet, drop in from out of town, or whatever it may be Friendship is "The" place for you, so go check it out and I promise you will love it!!
Clark Leach
02:03 19 Mar 16
Friendship CrossFit has changed my life! I was never very athletic and struggled staying motivated long-term to stay in a fitness routine. The classes provide a fun, motivating community so there's always a friend to meet at the gym! The coaches are supportive, encouraging, and very focused on safe and correct form. I just celebrated my 4 year "CrossFit-aversary" at Friendship CrossFit and I'm looking forward to many more years of friendship while improving my health and getting stronger!
Chrissie Schneider
00:22 07 Apr 16
Friendship Crossfit is an exceptional community of people. From the newest member to the most elite athletes there, everyone is made to feel welcome. The coaches are top notch. They are always there to discuss goals and offer guidance to get through physical and mental obstacles. There is a ton of support related to nutrition and how to get the most out of the personal investment. Friendship has been a significant benefit to my entire family and its amazing to see how much the kids class is making an impact to both of my sons confidence (and grades). Give it a shot if you're interested in positive results.
Michael Culver
21:02 04 Apr 16
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