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Located in a beautiful 10,000 sq/ft facility in Dublin, Ohio, Friendship has been the premier CrossFit gym of Columbus since 2010. Our Veteran owned small business has built this community from the garage into one of the largest and most robust training programs in the midwest. We offer more seminars, programs and developmental classes than any other CrossFit or fitness facility. 
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Why You Should Consider Friendship
  •  Up to 12 Group Class Offerings Every Day - All classes are programmed for you in detailed and organized 8-week cycles to ensure your development. 
  •  Gymnastics Club: Led by Dr. Jenny Borda (Level 10 gymnast and former competitive girls gymnastics coach), this program helps develop those tough skills like pull-ups, handstand work, rope climbs, muscle-ups and more. Discounted for FCF Clients
  • Barbell Classes & Strength Cycles: Every Saturday we run a 90-minute Olympic Lifting development course free to FCF clients, each year we also run 2 major Squat & Lifting cycles for more in depth development. 
  •  Functional Bodybuilding: This class is famous for helping you "look good, move well" -- It is designed to help you build better positions through more controlled lifting and is arguably the best supplemental program to CrossFit. Free to FCF Clients
  •  Endurance & Recovery programming: Each Sunday we program endurance work that can active as aerobic training or recovery work. Each year we bring in running & rowing experts to run cycles to help develop these two skills. Free to FCF Clients
  •  Top Quality Full time professional staff: Our staff doesn't trade for memberships, they are devoted full-time employees who have made it their mission to be the best coaches in the area. They have mandated continuing education requirements and are constantly pushing the boundaries of modern CF style training with new programs and ideas. Only available to FCF Clients
  •  Robust 1-on-1 Entry program: If you're new to CrossFit or were never taught properly, our coaches have designed a robust entry program to help you set up a rock-solid foundation for the future. Only available to FCF Clients
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