How Identity Guides Decisions

I heard this comment the other day and found it though provoking: “When thinking about traveling back in time, everything (movies, books, common sense) seems to be so concerned with the effect your actions could have in the future you’re coming from…yet people don’t carry this same belief to their actions in the present and how they will effect their future.”
Working out prevents Dementia   (One of my greatest fears is losing my “edge” in my mind, so I’ll do ANYTHING to avoid it)
One of the major plights of our society is seeking short term pleasure in the sacrifice of long term gains. It happens daily, to each of us, and the discipline to avoid that trap carries huge weight in our health and well-being. It is important to think about the person you want to be, the direction you want to take your life and how your family, kids and real friends think about you (I say real friends, because internet and/or fake, and/or temporary friends do not matter). If we know what that person looks like we can start to attach our identity to that person, and start to communicate to ourselves and others using that identity. 
I find this method of communication to be extremely persuasive in making daily decisions. Awhile back I was granted a major gift, when upon becoming a Tomb Guard I had a conversation with one of my trainers about how to carry myself in public. It was the beginning of me molding my identity; not quitting, working hard, commitment, pursuit of perfection, carrying myself as a professional in public, etc. We talked about things I’d seen from Guards past that I knew I didn’t want to associate with, traps my friends had fallen into that I wanted to avoid and what ‘success’ meant to me. This conversation is one I commonly look back on, reflect on and it has helped me make decisions for almost a decade. 
My purpose in this post is to help you realize that you can help answer these questions or find your identity a multitude of ways. It could be negative;
– I know I don’t want to work a 9-5. 
– I know I never want my kids to see me as lazy or apathetic; as those drive unhappiness.
– I never want someone to see me quit.  
– I’ve seen what drugs and alcohol can do to people, I never want to be a victim of that. 
Or it can be positive;
– My anchor is my health, my family and my passion; those will always remain priority, grow them everyday. 
– I’m so inspired by people who give up their free time to help others.
– I love when I see people who are comfortable in their own skin and love themselves (physically and mentally). 
– I know I want to create change through fighting problems society has caused. 
This is just a glimpse into a decade long process of introspection for me. I hope that in these thoughts it might help some of you begin this process…if you have never attempted, I encourage you to. If you need help, ASK for it. Surround yourself with great people and mentors, they will definitely help you achieve more. One of the O’s in “whoopie” is Identifying Obstacles–one common obstacle for people is that they try to do everything on their own. 
W.H.O.O.P.I.E. Podcast – This might be a good place to start for some. 

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