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CrossFit Games 18.3 Tips

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Well we knew that sometimes the all inclusive fun was going to have to stop and they were going to have to crank up some skills on everyone! Luckily, they’ve done a lot of many peoples “bad” movements all in one workout (heyyyy look at that bright side).

If you are really bummed that you can’t get muscle-ups this year, I would definitely recommend working with Jenny and Gymnastics club and discuss the upcoming cycles of Gymnastics club. Combined Jenny and myself are responsible for well over 200 first-Muscle-ups, and hopefully we’ll get a few more tomorrow.

If you are unsure if you should scale or go RX please ask your coach ASAP!


Recommended Warm-Up:

5-10mins: Ankle & Thoracic SMR work (lax ball)

10mins bike @ ~12/9cals/min

3-4 rounds:

10 DU

Toe Walk

3 Ring Swings + 1 MU

1 Squat Snatch + 5 OHS @ 95/65


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