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New Year’s Challenge Results & Recap

Written by Ellie Anderson

Congratulations to the over 40 participants of the 2018 Friendship New Year Nutrition Challenge! I am so proud of this group of people who dialed in their nutrition for 6 weeks by counting calories and macronutrients every day. They tracked and pre-planned their meals, consumed quality foods, found creative ways to work in some fun stuff, drank more water, and supported their fellow challengers along the way.

Challengers also made some incredible changes to their body compositions. According to before and after BodPod scans, participants lost an average of 9.2 pounds (6.3 pounds of fat mass!) in just 6 weeks, through the adjustments made in their nutrition!

While the great majority succeeded, there are a special few who deserve a shout out for their fantastic results. See how the challenge went for Betsy Waterman, JD Keeler, Sarah Lynch, Ed Dos Santos, Shanna Keeler and Steve Armitage in this video:


Full Length Interviews!

A few more success stories in their own words:

Tom Evans

“One of the most important lessons I’m taking away from this is that just because the scale doesn’t move right away, doesn’t mean you aren’t getting results. I think it’s really easy to associate your fitness and health with that number you see every morning, but I learned to pay attention to other cues during the day. I noticed my jeans and shirts were starting to fit less snug, and I could start to see my body composition shift ever so slightly. Movements during a workout seemed easier and I even noticed improved flexibility.

This is the strongest and most energetic I’ve ever felt during a cut. As of this morning, after a weekend in Nashville with a few doughnuts and cocktails I’m sitting 6lbs lighter than I was 3 weeks ago. Looking forward to keeping this up long term.”

Mitchell Hughes

“Over the past 6 weeks I’ve learned a lot! First it has to do with alcohol. I’ve always been pretty good about enjoying things in moderation, but struggled with that during the fall and holidays. I was drinking every Ohio State game and probably every weekend through the New Year. It sure was fun! But my body wasn’t responding very well. Some inflammation had been causing me pain. So I cleaned up my diet and noticed how much better I’ve felt over these past 6 weeks! I slept better, have more energy, and feel healthy!

Another huge focal point for me was the quality of food I was eating. Trying to get in some vegetables at every meal and I notice a huge difference!

I’ve done a couple different ” nutrition challenges” in the past but this has by far been my most successful! I think having different mini goals each week was a huge help!”

Carolin Suon

“Did I achieve the perfect body? No. Did I put in work and get results? YAS!

The past 6 weeks I did the nutrition challenge at my gym, eating about 80-85% clean, working out, and trying to live my standard basic life. It was hard to plan my meals around my life, pack my Tupperware’s of foods, and most importantly, drink a shit ton of water. I had to pee about 20 times a day and pretty sure my coworkers thought i was in the bathroom playing my phone the whole time.

But fast forward to the present, I’ve never felt better. Less bloated, less hungover (off of life of course), and less achey. I’ve hit PR’s with the BBC squad and milestones in workouts that I never thought could happen while not spending as much time in the gym as I would have before. It’s a great feeling I tell ya.

Nutrition plays a huge role in your everyday life and it took me 6 weeks to finally understand the process of it all. I’m still learning, I’m still growing, but it’s a nice marker to see how my body can change drastically while my numbers didn’t change as much.

Thank you to Ellie for teaching me a doable healthy lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and for reassuring me that Condados was acceptable as long as it fit into my macros.

Stoked to see how the rest of this year pans out!”

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Ellie Anderson is a Precision Nutrition certified coach. As a coach at Friendship, Ellie has committed to changing people’s lives through the education and implementation of proper nutrition and exercise habits!

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