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6 Week Pull-Up program:  What do I need to know?!

Written by Jenny Borda PT, DPT, gymnastics club CEO, FCF GM, lover of puppies and good movement.

We are starting a new pull-up program in the Friendship CrossFit Gymnastics Club & want to tell you the who, what, where, when, and whys of this program!


Everyone?!  Really, this can benefit any kind of athlete!  From people who can not do a single pull-up to a seasoned athlete who maybe is looking to be more efficient and have better movement patterns- this has something for anyone!  I feel like typically we see the ladies being more interested in joining gymnastics or working on a dedicated gymnastics program…but really you men out there can benefit just as much, if not more! Many times men just use their strength with gymnastics movements, so have even more to gain by using their body efficiently!


Friendship CrossFit Gymnastics Club’s 6 week pull-up program created by me, Jenny!  This program will focus on strict pulling strength, proper shapes, accessory work, shoulder health, and building efficient powerful kipping.

Where & When?

At IMG_2754.jpg Monday & Wednesday 5:30pm-6:30pm and Saturday 8:30 am

Even if you can’t make every class, you will still get all the programming!


Get the remote program and do it on your own!  So you don’t even need to live in Columbus! It is recommended that you space programming out at least 1 day as well as videoing movement from time to time! It will still include 3 days/week of programming including a video library to see how movements should be performed!

The program will start on Monday, April 30th for gymnastics club & the full programming will be sent out to remote athletes Monday as well!


So this is the most important part!  Really is there any downside to working on improving pulling strength, core strength/stability, shoulder health, or body awareness and control?!  Not that I can think of! I always tell people that when you work on improving your stability as well as how to control your body in different ways, you will improve how you control your body in different ways!  That sounds pretty obvious, but I don’t think it’s something people really get sometimes. By really working on how to hold your body in proper shapes and create power the most efficient way possible, you will undoubtedly improve in many areas outside of just a pull-up!  Working on this will help you with toes to bar and muscle-ups, which seems to make sense, but it will also help you with handstands, snatching, overhead squats, shoulder to overhead, etc…because like I already said, when you get better at controlling your body with one movement, you tend to get better at controlling your body in general!  This program will serve as an excellent foundation to not only improve your pull-ups (that is the main goal!) but also to help you progress with all gymnastics movement!

We will be moving on to a muscle-up up program in the summer, and this program would serve as an excellent starting point to make sure you have all the basics down properly.

If you haven’t yet, please give our podcast a listen to get more details & thoughts about the program.  Listen here: Friendship Podcast Episode 9

How do I sign up?!

If you plan on joining gymnastics club and attending all or some of the classes for May and June- please email Jenny to register.

If you are not available to come to classes or live out of town sign up here!


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