Run Club Week 5

Hey guys!

Welcome to Friendship Running Club Week 5

For those of you who missed it, make sure you check out the Podcast that outlines the major issues and pains of running that we will be addressing. There is a lot of information in there that will be very important to our program as we begin.

Our program will wrap up with some fun race options the following Saturday:

  1. Color Run 5k
  2. Darby Creek 5k/10k Trail Run

When/Where: Tuesday, July 3rd @ 5:45pm at Friendship

Sunday, July 8th @ 9am at Thomas Worthington High School

What: Tuesday: 

Warm-Up – Dynamic Cone Drills – Speed & Footwork (Let’s try this AGAIN WEATHER MAN)!


8 Rounds:

Sled Sprint 50ft (BW added) Immediately into

Sled Sprint 50ft (Empty) Immediately Into

Sprint 50ft

rest as needed to recover


Warm-Up: 800m @ 1mile pace


E2MOM20 (10 rounds):

200m Sprints – Goal is all out effort


Cooldown: 800m @ 1mile pace


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