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How to get strong and fast as hell!

This image is of Jenny Borda of Friendship Barbell Club setting a US Record Snatch

The sport of Olympic Weightlifting in America has seen a major resurgence from CrossFit. USAW has grown immensely and each year more and more CrossFitters make their way onto the National Lifting stage. Friendship has sent two athletes to the National Stage out of their program, and have broken multiple Ohio and US records in the process.

The Barbell Club at Friendship is a group that is dedicated to the technique, strength and power development brought through resistance and explosive training. You must have a base of knowledge of the lifts before joining, so this is not for brand-new beginners, however working with a coach 1-on-1 on the lifts will get you up to speed very quickly.

The club is ran by Jeff Binek and Liz Van Winkle, and cycles through a full series of programming throughout the year. Athletes may choose whether or not they want to compete, use their skills in conjunction with CrossFit, or just to get stronger!

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Training Schedule

  • Monday: 6:30p
  • Wednesday: 6:30p
  • Friday: Open (Programming given, but not a coached class)
  • Saturday: 10:00am

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Meet the Coaches!

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Jeff Binek

Program Director

Liz Van Winkle