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Nutrition Services

Friendship CrossFit has built a team of professional nutrition experts into their coaching staff. We believe that the best way to end the obesity epidemic in America is through educating families and helping them implement a sustainable approach to eating. Our nutrition plans start at your level and are geared to help you fit in things you enjoy in moderation, and with a bigger vision in mind so that you don’t just eat healthy for a few weeks and then fall off the wagon. Here are some highlights that our staff can provide:

  • Grocery Lists
  • Food Guides
  • Meal Plans
  • Help getting off medications (and eating with those in mind)
  • Accountability
  • Testing procedures
  • Guided long term plans to your goals

The most impactful way to reach your nutrition goals is in a 1-on-1 setting. However a few times a year we offer an inclusive challenge setting to provide incentives and a community accountability system which can be a fun way to get started. Either way, we know that anyone can be successful with our nutrition team if they have the right attitude!

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Average Results in 6-8 Weeks

Weight Lost: 10lbs

Body Fat % Change: -3.5%

Inches lost (6 points): 6.5inches

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