Friendship's 2018 "Get Fit" Challenge!

Back by popular demand!

Begins Saturday, January 20th at 2:00pm!

Some previous winners results!

What’s it about?

The “Get Fit” Challenge is an exciting way for beginners looking to get started in CrossFit. The 6-week challenge is designed to be an all-encompassing dive into learning, living and understanding how to achieve a higher level of health and fitness. Coach Andy Arra brings his energetic coaching style to the classes, and then helps participants with his background as a dietician on their nutrition. If you choose the “Premium” option, you will also get the opportunity to work with Andy in a 1-on-1 setting to gain advanced knowledge and skills in the movements, this will allow you to seamlessly into our group class structure following the challenge if you want to! The features of this challenge are below:


"Get Fit" Regular
For those who thrive in the group atmosphere!
(2) 1-Hour Small-Group coached sessions designed for beginners each week. ($480 value)
Optional participation in (2) 30-minute Burner sessions each week. ($149 value)
Test-in BodPod ($25 Value)
Access to the Whole Life Challenge online platform. ($49 value)
Access to all “test-in” materials required to complete the WLC. ($65 value)


Class Schedule:

  • Thursday at 5:30pm-6:30pm
  • Sunday 10:00am-11:00am
  • Optional Burners: Monday/Wednesday 7:30pm


Have questions? Email Coach Andy: