New Year Challenge

For the past 8 years Friendship has run one of the most successful New Year nutrition challenges you will find anywhere.

Friendship’s Nutrition Challenge will begin on Monday, January 8th, 2018. This challenge will provide the information, handouts and assistance that everyone needs to find success. The success in this challenge will teach you about proper nutritional habits, help you refine those habits, and keep you accountable. The Friendship Nutrition Club will offer this challenge that will award cash prizes, BodPod scans, and a full seminar to help. More details on the features available below!

Email questions to:

**This Challenge is currently Waitlisted! Please contact Ellie if you would like to claim one of the last remaining spots**

This is a headshot of coach Ellie Anderson of Friendship CrossFit in Columbus Ohio

Ellie Anderson

Founder, Friendship Nutrition

Ellie is Precision Nutrition certified, and has helped hundreds of members of the greater Columbus fitness community achieve their nutrition and fitness goals!