Friendship hosts the most detailed and effective programs to achieve weight-loss, gain muscle and strength, or improve your gymnastics! All under the eyes of a watchful expert coach and programmer. These accessory CrossFit programs are a useful add-on for ANY fitness enthusiast.

Group CrossFit Classes:

Friendship’s bread and butter. For the past 10 years we have been THE name in the CrossFit game in Columbus. Our coaches are professionals, meaning they have devoted their education and professional career to being top-tier life and wellness coaches. We are a positive and diverse group, and love to bring energy and excitement to fitness. Anyone who comes through our doors during a class will immediately feel the atmosphere and how infectiously fun it is.

On top of our coaches and amazing community, we also host the nicest facility in Columbus. Located conveniently in Dublin, Ohio, right off 315, 270 and Sawmill Rd. it is easy to get to our location from almost anywhere in Columbus. It is a 10,000 sq. ft. building that hosts three training areas, a full shower and changing rooms, a locker room, multiple bathrooms and community areas. We have all top-quality Rogue Equipment, and always update equipment and facility to meet the needs of our community.

1-on-1 Coaching:

We understand that the group atmosphere isn’t for everyone. At least not right away! We have developed a world class intro program that will set ANYONE up for success and get them accomplishing goals within the first 6 weeks of starting with us. After the intro program, most of our athletes decide to continue doing 1-on-1 training with us because they have seen such great results.

We have found that this allows us to get all of the benefits of personal training: accountability, personalized coaching, nutrition work, etc. With all of the benefits of group training: fun, exciting, making friends. All while keeping the price far more manageable than a personal-trainer. This has truly revolutionized the fitness industry, and we were at the forefront of that change!

Coach Jeff Binek leading a group CrossFit Class, one of our many programs

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Nutrition Services:

Friendship has built a team that consists of a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, a Precision Nutrition certified coach and a corporate wellness / large group nutrition expert. Together this team is able to combat the obesity epidemic, help get people off medications faster than they ever imagined, improve blood tests, lose weight and look better naked (let’s face it, that’s a big part of it right?!). We are dedicated to being a leader in the Columbus CrossFit & Dublin Gym communities fight to help educate families and our youth to never have to deal with eating problems!

We offer a variety of services and accountability levels, and we begin with a consultation so that you can see if what we have to say is right for you. The results speak for themselves though, thousands of people have lost tens of thousands of pounds in our facility over the years.

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Kids & Teens:

Our youth programs are F-U-N, mainly due to the amazing coach Maria Dyas Binek. Friendship is a family run facility and we are proud of it. Maria has been running programs for youth fitness, nutrition and CrossFit classes for over 4-years, making her one of the most experienced kids & teens coaches in the state!

Our youth programs are designed to:

  • Educate kids about exercise & nutrition
  • Be fun and exciting, our kids look forward to coming!
  • Develop teamwork, acceptance, leadership & confidence
  • Develop athleticism and coordination
  • Help young men and women find a supportive team!

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Barbell, Endurance & Gymnastics Club

One of the things we love about CrossFit is that it helps people find a passion for new areas of Fitness. Friendship is proud that we can provide extra programs for our community that help people crush a weakness or compete in a new sport.

Our Barbell Club has produced multiple National Level Lifters, US Records in multiple weight classes & age ranges, and is known for it’s snarky, fun vibe! The atmosphere is truly electric and causes athletes to advance quickly in their lifts.

Our Gymnastics Club is run by world-famous coach Jenny Borda.  Jenny was a division-I gymnast at Ohio State, who has then established herself as a top CrossFit athlete (fittest woman in Ohio), a US Record Holder in Olympic Lifting and top-tier coach, responsible for dozens of first muscle-ups! It is a great place to improve pull-ups, handstands or work on more advanced skills.

Our Endurance Club hosts seasonal coaches who specialize in their sports. Rowing Club in the winter, running & biking in the summers! Coach Ryan Taylor is a former Ironman Triathlete, has run over 20 marathons and recently took 1st place at the CrossFit Games Endurance event (2017).

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